EveryonePrint 3.7 released

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EveryonePrint 3.7 released

everyoneprint-3.7_NLWe are very excited to announce the release of next major version of EveryonePrint version 3.7.
This is a major release with many new features and enhancements. Changes in version 3.7 include:

New built-in MS Office and OpenOffice conversion engine
No need to install Microsoft Office or OpenOffice to convert and print Office documents from users


Prepend/append information to usernames

Ability to prepend/append domain name information to usernames

. Prepend_-_append_information_to_usernames   Guest printing side-by-side with the print accounting or print management solution

Now integration with MyQGuest_printing_side-by-side_myq

A public secured API

New simple REST API to interact with EveryonePrint features and functions


Ability to specify an SSO logout URL

Customers using SSO systems can now specify an SSO logout URL

Ability_to_specify_SSO_logout_URL   Ability to selectively delete all users, history, emails and printers Ability_to_selectively_delete_all_users

Other new features include:

  • Ability to customize the length of time same release code is assigned to same user
    • Ability to hide/disable the password field
    • Alternative internal engine for txt, csv and log file conversion
    • Ability to customize the length of time same release code is assigned to same user
    • Image conversion using internal engine
    • Modify the behavior to automatically discard ATT* files
    • Improve error handling in Google Cloud Print when jobs are rejected
    • Fixed issue where iOS Authentication could fail if strict mobile authentication was not enabled
    • Fixed issue where some LDAP lookups could fail if LDAP over SSL

For a full list of changes, view the changelog here.

Upgrade an existing version of EveryonePrint simply by running the new installer and it will update as needed, keeping license, settings and so on. Make sure to backup existing EveryonePrint data and configuration before updating (see documentation for details).

More information
If you have any questions please contact us directly.

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